• Jean Goetzinger, President of CLUSIL

With 20 years of experience within information/cyber security, Jean is a recognized expert within the Luxemburgish and greater region landscape (Belgium, France, Germany). He is also a recognized expert within the European System of Central Banks (SEBC). He has expertise in multiple fields within Information/cyber security, focusing on governance, risk management, compliance, new technologies, and technical security. Jean owns a master degree in IT from the CNAM, Metz and a master degree in Management and Leadership from the « Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut ». He is President of the Luxembourg Association for Security of Information Systems (CLUSIL) since 2010 and active member since 1998.  

  • David Hagen, Head of IT Supervision and Support PFS, CSSF

David Hagen is working at the Supervisory Commission of the Financial Sector (CSSF) as the Head of IT Supervision and Support PFS (Professionals of the Financial Sector). He is also Associated lecturer on risk and security matters at the University of Luxembourg, Honorary President of CLUSIL, member of the national Committee on Digital Signature and member of various working groups (Haut Comité à la Place Financière, European Supervisory Market Authority, etc.). David owns a Master of IT applied to Management at the University of Nancy and has a long experience in IT financial services. 

  • Alain Herrmann, IT & New Technologies, CNPD

Alain Herrmann is working at the Commission National pour la Protection des Données (CNPD) of Luxembourg in the IT & New technologies department since 2012. He is more particularly handling topics related to data protection impact assessments, privacy by design, IT, information security and Regtech projects in application of the data protection legislation. He is also heavily involved in the CNPD’s internal reorganization project in order for the Commission, as a regulator, to be able to face its new GDPR related missions. Alain has previously held several IT and information security related positions in the private sector. Alain earned a Master degree in Information Systems Security Management from the University of Luxembourg (Promotion 3).

  • Sébastien Pineau, Lead Partnership Officer, LIST

Sébastien Pineau is working at Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology (LIST) as Lead Partnership Officer for 10 years. He has also been project leader, programme manager. Sébastien owns a Master of Audit applied to Quality Management at the University of Lille and has a long experience in system management and project management.

  • Jean-Michel Remiche, Manager of IT Security, POST Telecom PSF

As manager of IT Security within POST Telecom in the "Delivery" department, Jean-Michel Remiche is in charge of the portfolio implementation of services and solutions around ICT CloudSecurity. He also addresses the aspects of Service Level Agreement as well as Security Governance related to Cloud & Managed infrastructures and services. With a master degree in engineering (Gramme Institute - Liège Belgium), he started his career in computer science in Luxembourg. Successively "Systems Engineer" Microsoft, "Banking IT Manager" and "Technical Director" of a consulting company, he had the opportunity to extend his skills throughout these years, both in IT management and in the technical fields related to information systems. 

  • Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Senior Research Scientist, SnT, University of Luxembourg

Mike Sabetzadeh is a Senior Research Scientist at the SnT Centre for Security, Reliability, and Trust, University of Luxembourg. Sabetzadeh has for the past ten years been closely collaborating with industry and public-service partners on research and innovation projects related to IT and regulatory compliance.